At Provisions, we have taken the time and used our industry expertise to craft the best experience possible for our retail customers. We leverage our technological infrastructure to barcode and pre-scan inventory, maintain regulatory compliance and reduce the time it takes for customers to complete a purchase. We have developed and enhanced our store layout to increase buying decisions and reduce friction within the buying process.


We developed Monte Fiore Solventless Extraction  Technology™ leveraging sub-critical CO2 extraction, commercial-scale solventless extraction techniques that produce consistent output and yield. We leverage natural active compounds at commercial-scale to produce a cleaner extract that’s higher inactive ingredients. Our proprietary extract techniques exceed industry standards and abilities to produce full extraction at large-scale volumes.


Canary offers topicals for the hard-working human.


KushyPunch is one of California’s iconic cannabis brands and the top-selling gummy in the Golden State. Our locally sourced full-spectrum oil, science-forward approach, and lush full-body high has made us a favorite for recreational and medical consumers. Monte Fiore is currently in negotiations with Kushy Punch to manufacturer edibles at the Provisions Dispensary. 


We have developed a proprietary Monte Fiore Edibles Cold Infusion Technology™ which has created a consistent differentiated product. Our processes have been perfected through rigorous R&D with customer reviews and testing.  We leverage our vertical integration to rapidly test new flavors while continuing to innovate and scale our operations. Our future plan includes a dedicated kitchen and separate R&D kitchen to expand product lines and brand opportunities.


1862 is the year the Perrino family began homesteading the land where the Cannagar flower is farmed. To this day, all of the 1862 Cannagar flower is farmed from the same property. Utilizing only the finest flower, 1862 Premium Cannagars are hand-cut, hand-rolled, and batched in limited editions. Seeking to bring the world of true luxury to the world of cannabis, our Cannagars are also infused with pure solventless extracts and created to be the absolute best. With the sole purpose of delivering the best Cannagar in the market, we have an obsession with quality and a mastery of flower cultivation. Each plant is slightly different, imparting subtlety of flavor and color to the flowers during maturation. To provide the characteristics essential to the 1862 Premium Cannagar, through the management and selection of the batches, our skilled cultivators ensure that both color and flavor are consistent from roll to roll.


GG Strains is the founding company that 

created the cannabis strains Original Glue (GG4), New Glue (GG5), Sister Glue (GG1), Purple 

Glue, GlueChee, and I Do Glue. Monte Fiore 

will cultivate and package the nationally-known

 GG Strains brand in the Colorado market.



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