Three Ways to Make Your California Cannabis License Application Stand Out

Updated: Jan 21

In dozens of cities and counties across California, deadlines to apply for a license in the cannabis industry are fast approaching. As you’re writing your application, keep in mind these three tricks that Point7 uses to help our clients stand out amongst the crowd.

Develop a Brand

While it may seem like a low priority when starting out your cannabis business (or even if the expiration date on your temporary license snuck up on you), it’s vital that your application presents your business in the most professional light possible. One of the best ways to set your application apart from the others is by selecting a clear and consistent brand that can be demonstrated in the application, as well as any other documents or literature your business might put out in the future.

At a minimum, work with a professional to create a logo that is unique, recognizable, and simple enough that it can be adjusted for a variety of different backgrounds such as white paper, a dark website, a label, or even a sticker. Use your logo throughout your application where it makes the most sense; at the beginning of each section, for example, or even as a watermark on each page. Take it a step further by selecting a unique but easy-to-read font.

Using precise and consistent branding makes your application memorable and emphasizes your business’ attention to detail, which is a sure way to stand out amongst the others.

Know Your Community

Those who are selecting the business that will be awarded licenses are prioritizing the well-being of their community above all else, which is why it is imperative to pay extra attention and time to the Community Impact plan section of your application. Truly familiarize yourself with the city or county that you hope to acquire your permanent license in, and cater the Community Impact section of your application to what the citizen’s main priorities are. Is the city or county you hope to acquire a license in especially focused on sustainability? The arts? Small businesses?

As a cannabis business, you don’t want to be tolerated by your community - you want to be embraced due to the positive contributions that you have made. The options are truly limitless as to what your business can do for it’s community, and putting thought and effort into this portion of your application will make all the difference.

Don’t Overdo It

The majority of applications in California are looking for precise detail in regards to almost every aspect of your business. With that in mind, it’s easy to make the assumption that the longer your responses, the better. However, it’s important to remember that quantity does not always mean quality. Remember that in most cities or counties, those reading your application are often sifting through dozens (if not, hundreds) of them, which can be tedious and redundant. Sometimes the most appealing and memorable application is a concise one, that demonstrates excellence and attention to detail.

Clearly, the process of writing an application for your business within the cannabis industry is complicated, and it can be overwhelming. The Point7 team is here to help you with any of your needs, whether that means developing specific standard operating procedures, branding, or advising you throughout your entire application process.



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