Working In Cannabis? Missouri Needs You!

Updated: Jan 21

Potential cannabis operators in Missouri are deep in the trenches of completing their applications for cultivation, manufacturing and dispensary licenses, and by the end of the year the State will award 338 licenses across all three sectors. That’s a lot of businesses to set up, a lot of hiring, training, growing and WORK that needs to get done.

At Point Seven Group we are currently supporting applicants in Missouri and also have a deep network of other operators, partners and suppliers getting ready for this new market. While we believe deeply in the power of cannabis to create jobs at the local level for new states, we also know that there is an enormous need to engage employees that can bring real-world regulated cannabis experience to these operations.

We would like to connect with talented people working in the regulated cannabis space now, who have an interest in bringing their skills to Missouri operators. This could look like temporary, advisory, contract or full time positions across the industry in cultivation, manufacturing, dispensary management, budtending or operations.

Below you’ll find a list of the kinds of roles we’re looking to help our clients fill. If you are interested in learning more about these opportunities, here’s what you need to do:

(1.) Send us an email to

(2.) In the subject line put the title of the role you are interested in applying for

(3.) Include a PDF of your most recent resume (Saved as: First Name_Last Name_Resume.PDF

(4.) In the body of the email, tell us:

  • If you are interested in contract, full-time, or advisory roles

  • Compensation requirements

  • Your current city and state

  • Your dream job in the cannabis space and what you would be most excited to do next

  • Would you want to be remote from another market, commute for a contract duration, or relocate to Missouri

  • Why you would like to bring your expertise to Missouri

  • How you think you could be an asset teams

  • Why you are unique, qualified, ready to work hard — tell us about you and help set yourself apart from the rest!

A sample of current roles we are looking to fill across all markets/license types:

  • Chief Operating Officer

  • Chief Science Officer

  • Director of Compliance

  • Director of Cultivation x 2

  • Head/Lead Cultivator

  • Cultivation Facilities Manager

  • Harvest Manager

  • Extraction Director x 2

  • Director of R&D

  • Director of Product Development

  • Lab Director

  • Inventory Manager

  • Packaging Manager

  • Dispensary Manager

  • Assistant Dispensary Manager

  • Dispensary Inventory & Compliance Manager

  • Director of Security

  • Bookkeeper

  • Human Relations



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